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Our Process 

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Cost Estimating

Establishing an accurate and robust cost estimate is essential for both New Era and our clients.  We start with a thorough and rigorous inspection of existing spaces and conditions, along with a scrupulous examination of architectural drawings (if available).  We provide options based on any specific physical or financial constraints, or additional expansions contemplated, at client request.

Scope of Work & Project Calendar​

Scope Of Work:  With every estimate we provide a Scope of Work.  Our scope acts as the “narrative” to the project.  Assumptions are detailed, as are any critical challenges that require collaboration with the client prior to project commencement.  Our goal here is clear and concise descriptions that foster mutual understanding and shared confidence

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Project Calendar:  A companion to the Scope of Work is our Project Calendar. This highlights and documents the various tasks and activities in a chronological pathway toward project completion.  Detailed are component activities such as various trade works, material purchases and vital client selection milestones.  A key outcome of the Project Calendar is a timely and efficient project execution with maximum transparency and with a predictable progression, and a minimum of disruptions or delays.

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Project Coordination

Pre-Construction Meeting: The Pre-Construction Meeting is essentially the kick-off to the project.  New Era, Client and Architect will review the Scope together to ensure mutual understandings and agreement as to goals, practices and timeframes. This is an ideal opportunity for clients to ask questions, clarify terms and timeframes, and resolve any concerns. The Project Calendar and selection schedule is reviewed so all involved are informed and comfortable with key commitments, responsibilities and milestones. 

Proccurment Assistance: We will manage all ordering of all fixtures and finishes for the Client to ensure the correct items and associated products are ordered, in proper quantities, and available at the project site when needed. The Client is only required to provide item selection via the user-friendly selection tools we provide.  We will introduce the Client to our trusted vendor network. These vendors can assist them in making their selections.

Project Management 


Client Meetings:  Prior to starting a project, we will set a schedule of dates and times to meet with the client and/or the architect, to review topics such as: Project progress, calendar updates, design-related decisions, any critical path items or new work orders that may impact the calendar, and address any questions or concerns that the client may have. 

Meeting Minutes: Immediately following each meeting, we will issue meeting minutes. This document will be emailed to all parties so that the issues discussed, key agreements, and any changes made to the project or schedule are recorded. This will ensure all are on the same page with regard to the project and schedule.  

Quality Control: Rigorous daily oversight ensures our attention to detail and the highest quality of craftsmanship. We view each project as the actualization of our skills, passion and character. The transformation of the Client space is treated as if it is our own.

Client Tools Portal:  BuilderTrend is an online collaborative project management portal we use for every project.  The Project Calendar is built through the portal and, once constructed, is interactive and regularly updated.   Client and Architect have real time visibility of key tasks and activities schedules, and a full chronology of the project.

Selection Schedule: In addition to the Project Calendar, we provide an interactive selection sheet so the Client can easily see what items need to be selected, by which date.  Once the Client inputs their selection, New Era can place the order and ensure timely delivery. 


Project Completion

Once the project passes the final inspection, New Era will schedule a punch-out meeting with the Client and Architect to review any outstanding items. Holdback amounts will be agreed to and assigned for each outstanding item requiring completion. This provides New Era with an incentive to complete all aspects and put important finishing touches on the project in a timely manner.

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